Thursday, May 3, 2007

Better pictures for the crochet baby mary janes

Here's better pictures of the crocheted pink baby mary janes I posted the pattern for previously. The last ones are made a little differently than the pattern but I wanted you to see the flower.

Two crochet baby dresses and other WIP

Here's the two baby dresses!!! Yeah!!!! It really didn't take as long as I thought it would once I got the top part figured out. The second one went really fast! These are for 2 babies to wear to my BIL's wedding. Although the smaller baby might not even be there. Oh well, at least she will have a nice dress! The colors are the wedding colors but the orange shows up brighter than it is and the aqua not as bright.
This is the beginning of what I'm going to call my "Red Hot Potholder." It's a gift for a wedding. I hope to make some jar lid covers too, if I have time. I'm using some yarn I frogged from a knit sweater.

Here is a close up of dress I've worked on a little but I'm thinking about frogging it and using larger hook, it's kind of stiff. I love the colors but I don't have a lot of thread. This is vintage thread that I got from my Mamaw!