Monday, June 4, 2007

Here's the 2 baby dresses with accessories, on the babies! They were made for my BIL's wedding. The babies are cousins born 2 days apart but the one on the left was a preemie and the one on the right (mine) was overdue and huge!

Here's some hats I made for some birthday presents for a friends 2 little boys, one turning 3 and one turning 1. Here the bigger one is modeled by my son.

Here's a top I'm making for my baby out of fingering weight yarn. You can see the detail of the stitch below, it's called Daisy Lace and is out of the Crochet Stitch Bible.

Here is a shrug I'm making for my baby out of polyester thread. It's softer than cotton. The stitch is a double trellis.

Here is a plastic bag holder I'm making out of plastic bags. I was too cheap to buy the yarn and then I found out you can crochet with plastic bags and I've got plenty of those! It's a little wide so I guess it will be a short fat bag holder instead of long and skinny.

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Star said...

Is there any way I could purchase the pattern of your" purple swing top". It is so beautiful and you are incredibly talented.